Unique masterpieces with diamonds

Diamonds are an essential part of our work. Discover their brilliance and beauty and be enchanted by their timeless elegance. As a renowned wholesaler and manufacturer in Berlin, we offer an exquisite selection of diamond jewellery, including wedding rings, wedding bands and engagement rings.

We would be happy to tell you more about the different shapes, cuts and carat weights of diamonds. Discover how we transform these precious gemstones into unique masterpieces. We also offer you valuable advice on the care and repair of diamond jewellery so that your precious possession always shines in all its glory.


Brilliance in many facets

Diamonds are available in the classic round brilliant cut, elegant princess cut, timeless emerald cut and many other cuts. Each diamond cut gives the stone a unique sparkle and character. In addition to the shapes, the cuts and carat weights also play a decisive role in the brilliance and value of a diamond. Our experts will help you choose the perfect diamond.

Transform diamonds into timeless pieces of jewellery. From sparkling engagement rings to dreamy wedding rings and wedding bands. The selection of diamond jewellery is impressive. Our craftsmanship and passion transforms high-quality diamonds and precious metals such as gold and platinum into exquisite pieces of jewellery that are made to last.