Timeless elegance through a variety of jewellery alloys

As a wholesaler and jewellery manufacturer, alloys play a decisive role for us. Discover the fascinating world of jewellery alloys and get to know the properties and advantages that alloys lend to jewellery. In our showroom in Berlin, we offer pieces of jewellery made from high-quality gold alloys and platinum alloys, for example.

Gold jewellery is considered timeless and has a magical appeal. The use of gold alloys enables us to produce jewellery with different shades of colour and degrees of hardness. Yellow gold radiates warmth and elegance, while white gold has a cool and modern lustre. Rose gold gives the jewellery a delicate and romantic touch.


A touch of exclusivity and durability

Combining gold with other metals improves the hardness and durability of jewellery. With high-quality gold alloys, it not only looks beautiful, but is also suitable for everyday wear. Platinum is a precious metal of exceptional purity that is known for its durability.



Advantages of high-quality jewellery

Sara Jewelry GmbH uses different alloys to produce unique and individual pieces of jewellery. Different metals are combined to create fascinating colour variations and textures. The use of alloys with a high gold or platinum content ensures durable and long-lasting jewellery that retains its beauty and shine for many years.

Alloys are resistant to corrosion, tarnishing and wear and tear, which means that the jewellery retains its charm even with regular wear. When repairing or adjusting jewellery, we use metal blends that restore the original shine.