Perfect ring surface through appropriate care

The choice of surface finish is decisive for the overall impression and individual style of your gold rings, wedding rings, engagement rings or stainless steel rings. We offer surface finishes such as highly polished, brushed, matt or textured. A highly polished surface gives your ring a luxurious look, while the brushed surface has a modern and elegant touch.

Matt surfaces have a refined appearance. Textured surfaces create a unique and artistic aesthetic. Discover our gold, silver or platinum finishes.
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Preserve the beauty of your rings

To ensure the long-lasting beauty of your rings, regular care of the surface finish is essential. Depending on the finish you choose, it is important to follow certain care instructions. Highly polished ring surfaces should be protected from scratches and cleaned repeatedly with a soft cloth.

Matt surfaces can be cleaned gently. Textured surfaces may require special cleaning to keep their unique texture intact. With their expertise and passion for jewellery, our experts will be happy to give you further advice on the right care to preserve the beauty of your rings.



Advantages of well-maintained surfaces

Careful maintenance of the surface finish of your rings offers numerous advantages. On the one hand, it ensures that the aesthetic appearance is maintained. Secondly, rings retain their brilliance and lustre thanks to regular cleaning and careful care. Well-maintained surfaces also contribute to longevity and help to minimise possible wear and tear.

Furthermore, a well-maintained ring conveys an impression of quality and care. Our recommendations for surface care ensure that your gold rings, wedding rings, engagement rings or stainless steel rings continue to shine in all their splendour for years to come. In addition to jewellery repairs and surface treatments, we adhere to high quality standards.